Make Sure Your Home or Workplace Is Protected by a Sturdy Roof

Get a reliable roofing inspection in Acworth, GA

After a violent storm hits Acworth, GA, you probably check your vehicles and patio furniture for damage right away. But there's another feature you can't forget to inspect. Hire an expert at Risk Free Roofing Inspection to look over your roof thoroughly. We'll make sure that damage caused by torrential rain, hail and wind don't go unnoticed and unaddressed.

Trust our roof inspector to:

Offer a free estimate for your roofing inspection
Visually inspect your roof and help you locate roof damage early
Provide a full damage report and suggest ways to prevent further roof problems

Don't let a minor roof repair turn into an expensive replacement job - get a handle on the damage right after it occurs. Call 678-508-3116 now to schedule an appointment with a dedicated roof inspector.


When you're buying a home, it's important to know EXACTLY what you're buying. One thing that many buyers overlook in their inspection is a roof inspection. A new roof can be a costly investment for a home buyer-that's why it's important to call the experts at Risk Free Roofing Inspection, to know exactly the condition and value of your potential new home.

When selling your home, a simple roof renovation could increase the overall value of the property. If you'd like a consultation or a quote, feel free to CONTACT US!


When it comes to roof inspections, there are two stages-Firstly, there is an interior inspection. Here we inspect the interior of the home, and any common places we might find leaks or damage. If the home has an attic and insulation, we inspect for moisture, damage, and overall structural integrity of the roofing.

During the exterior portion of the inspection, we inspect the roofing system, the gutters, and any skylights or chimneys. Here will notice clogs, cracks, and shingle deterioration. REMINDER: Roof inspections can be dangerous without the proper training and equipment. We always recommend leaving it to the professionals.