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Without a durable roof, your loved ones and belongings will be at risk every time a storm hits your area. To make sure your home or workplace is covered by a sturdy roof, hire the pros at Risk Free Roofing Inspection to work on your new construction project. We're proud to provide reliable roof installation services in and around Acworth, GA.

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There are 4 major types of residential roofing. It's important as a client that you understand the pros and cons of each. If a roofing company is trying to push you in any one direction, consider that a red flag. At Risk Free Roofing, we ensure we give our clients a detailed and honest breakdown of the pros and cons of each type of roofing, and which one might be right for their needs and budget.

This is the good old standby that we know and love. Shingles last long, are affordable and give great protection from the elements. Despite many new roofing trends emerging, shingle roofing is still extremely popular.

Metal roofing is a fantastic roofing solution that is rapidly gaining in popularity, both in rural and suburban homes. Metal roofing is quick to install, very aesthetically pleasing, and extraordinarily tough. While metal roofing may be a slightly larger investment upfront-due to its durability and low maintenance nature, metal roofing may actually SAVE you money in the long run.

Slate roofing has been used on homes for centuries. Slate roofing is certainly tough, but it is also a costlier option than the two listed above. For this reason, it is considered a luxury material, adding a touch of elegance to any roof it adorns.

Mainly for flat roofs, which are common on homes, and commercial and industrial applications, bitumen coating roofs are durable and completely weatherproof.